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Chicago, IL

Zach Bartz (he/him) is a visual artist and performer in Chicago, IL. He frequently draws from his career as an improviser to create colorful critters on upcycled materials. His paintings have been displayed at Chicago staples like the Wndr Museum, Design Museum of Chicago, Cards Against Humanity, Elephant Room Gallery, Dark Matter's Star Lounge, Chicago Diner, Columbia College Chicago, Gallery Cafe, and Dimo's Pizza. As a muralist, his work can be seen at Cards Against Humanity, The Annoyance Theater, Kite String Cantina, The Playground Theater, Cork Lounge, and Graham Cracker Comics Lakeview. He has been a featured artist through the Design Museum of Chicago / DCASE / Chicago Public Health for their Protect Chicago Vaccination campaign, and was the 2021 Chicago Reader 50th Anniversary button contest winner (1990's). He teaches improvisation and visual art to CPS students through Columbia College Chicago, is an instructor at Studio WIP, created the Painting for Improvisers workshop taught at The Second City Training Center Chicago and the Zmack International Improv Intensive, and co-founded the word-of-mouth variety show The Shithole. His goal as an artist is to connect, affect, and inspire, and he believes that everyone should give themselves permission to create art.



Cards Against Humanity    

Design Museum of Chicago
Wndr Museum 
Virgil Catherine Gallery (Hinsdale, IL)

Gallery Forty-Two (Indianapolis, IN)

Elephant Room Gallery
Dimo's Pizza
Star Lounge
Chicago Diner
The Martin

Fulton Street Collective

Happen Space Gallery
Gallery Cafe

The Seventh Corner Gallery

Toy de Jour

1100 Florence Gallery (Evanston, IL)
A Dope Art Show - Ludlow Liquors

Agitator Gallery
Your Happy Place Liquors
Columbia College Chicago - Library

Happy Gallery

Rev. Billy's Chop Shop
Reed's Local
Sedgwick Stop
First Ascent - Block 37
Gallery Cabaret
Village Tap
Green Eye Lounge
Lemmings Tavern

Full Bust

Eco Collective

Randall's Pub

Alulu Brewpub
Royal Grocer

Tradition Gastropub
Rewired Cafe
The Frame Shop - Bridgeport
Hair Party
B'El Kitchen and Bar
Pressure Billiards
Orange with a Peel
The Crowd Theater
The Playground Theater
Underground Wonder Bar

Yo Factory (Milwaukee, WI)
Espresso Royale (Madison, WI)
Studio 659 (Whiting, IN)
The Village Theater (Atlanta, GA)
Chalkboard Cafe ( Wallace, ID)
Second Wind Coffee House (Norman, OK)

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